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Aquarium Fish Diseases and Treatments

     Unfortunately, no not aquarist met with fish diseases. Here are the symptoms of the most common diseases. It should be noted that symptoms of many diseases are similar, maybe the fish was struck by several ailments. So the diagnosis is complicated enough.

Ihtioftirius (Ichthyophthirius, Ick, Ich white spot)

The most widespread disease. On fish appear white cysts with size up to 1 mm, sometimes look like covered with sugar. Fish, whatever, but in different articles. Often there is a secondary bacterial infection. Each cista is a hotbed of Ichthyophthirius multifiliis parasite, which after maturing leaves the body of the fish and for a few hours formed around the capsule in which cells begin to divide and looking for a new owner. If you do not find-die.

The life cycle of the parasite is 7-10 days at a temperature of 21 ° C and at a temperature of 10 ° C a few weeks ago. The drugs destroyed free floating parasites. These larval cysts usually present in each tank, but hit only weak fish.

Treatment is not complicated, if the disease is not advanced. You can use the company's preparations for the treatment of this disease. Some catfish or botiâta, for example, are sensitive to these preparations, so we need to strictly observe the instructions. Usually use the following preparations:

Malachite Green-the most widespread product for the treatment of ich. Must pass a full course treatment-usually 7-10 days. This ensures that all the "bloom and hatchlings" parasites are destroyed. Otherwise, the fish might be infected again after a few days. The preparation can be used several times, without side effects (may affect the biofiltraciâta).

Antibiotics-are not always effective against parasites.

Another way is the temperature rise to 30-32 ° C, then freely floating parasites die. It is good to add salt 1-3 g/l of water must be aerated and change as such a temperature in her there is little oxygen. The method is very effective and has fewer side effects.

Protruding eyes (Pop-eye)

The main symptom of this illness is supernatural protrusion of the eyes of the fish. Similar signs are there and in tuberculosis. This disease is caused by various factors-the poor quality of water, bacterial infection. Usually the disease affects 1-2 fish and they heal after a specified time. If you are suddenly a lot of fish become ill, you should check out the quality of the water.

Treatment is with company products for bacterial infections. As the disease is rarely contagious, then other means is the isolation of the sick fish and monitoring them.

Fungal and bacterial infection (saprolegniâ, cotton-wool desease, fungus, rot of setae, finrot)

The disease is caused by bacteria, such as Pseudomonas, Aeromona. Reasons for it can become grossly negligent handling of fish during transport, tear the more aggressive fins of fishes, bad qualities of water. Originally the fins look like glued, then on them appears white coating and they break down. Treatment is with proprietary preparations. The addition of salt to the Water Act prophylactically of živoraždaŝite fishes. With timely treatment setae grow again. Fungal diseases are caused by Saprolegnia and Achlya bacteria. The spores of these bacteria are always present in the Aquarium, but healthy fish are immune to these diseases. Only in a favourable environment for the development of these spores, such as stress on the fish, poor water quality, a lot of rotting organic matter or physical damage to the fish will suffer. Fungi affecting and spawning of the fish.

Treatment is with one of the company's agents, methylene blue, Malachite Green.

 Heksamitoza (Hole-in-the-head)

When this disease form small dents on the body, especially the head. Often these ulcers are covered with a layer of mucus. With time, these numbers are increased, leading to the death of fish. The disease is caused by bacteria Hexamita. The disease damages cichlids, discus, astronotusi, trihogasteri. The exact causes of the disease are not known, the bacterium is present in the aquarium water. It is assumed that due to the poor nutrition (vitamin c deficiency) and the quality of the water.

Usually for treatment using the preparations which are added to food, there are a row of preparations for treatment. these preparations are very strong and if you have a small fish in the Aquarium, they should be separated. Frequent change of water and a balanced diet are a good prophylactic

Drops (Dropsy)

The fish looks like a conceited with bristling flakes. The disease is caused by various bacteria and of distortion of metabolism in fish kept in poor conditions, but can smite and 1-2 fish in optimal conditions. A similar disease seen in African cichlids and is called malawi bloat. Treatment is with specialized products. For larger fish, the physician can pull liquid from the fish. Sometimes it happens after separation of fish and growing under optimal conditions, it alone to heal.


The disease is caused by bacteria, such as Mycobacterium and Nocardia. The fish looks exhausted, often struck by secondary bacterial or fungal infection, the eyes are bulging and the body and internal organs to form pits. It is suggested that the contamination is through food.

The treatment is extremely complex and requires expensive preparations (containing sulfafurazol and minocycline), it is best to separate the sick fish to death painlessly, if after moving to quarantine Aquarium status and has not improved.

Many bacteria of the genus Mycobacterium may be transmitted to humans, causing a number of skin diseases. Avoid contact with unprotected skin, especially with open sores, use gloves. After such an illness-will disinfect the equipment.

Ulcers on the body of the fish

The disease is caused by bacteria, Aeromonas. The fish's body and internal organs appear ulcers. These bacteria usually found in small quantities in the Aquarium and in the poor quality of the water the fish get sick, often struck are goldfish. Treated with the company's preparations.

Oodinium (Velvet desease)

The disease is caused by the parasite Oodinium. The body of the fish is covered with yellow-gray points. These points are similar to ihtioftirius, but are smaller in size and the fish look like dust. sanded The fish are scratches on various objects in the Aquarium, breathing rapidly. Sometimes the fall stripes leather. The cycle of the parasite is analogous to that of ihtioftiriusa, but there may be a lot longer without receiver. The treatment is very difficult if the parasites have penetrated in the internal organs of the fish. The disease is contagious, so it is best to separate the sick fish.

Treatment is with one of the company's preparations. Helps increase the temperature, which kills the parasites, but shortens the cycle of maturation and time you can live without a host.

In preparations for the treatment of this disease includes the following components:

Akriflavin (Acriflavin)-one of the most effective drugs for treatment. To enhance its effectiveness suggested raising the temperature and add the salt. Should not be used for a long time, because it can cause problems with reproduction.

Copper sulfate and other copper compounds effective against the agents of disease. The dose is a drop of 1 liter of water for 1% solution. The dose should be repeated in 3 days. Filtration with activated charcoal should be excluded. After completion of the course of treatment, the water can be filtered with activated carbon. Copper is poisonous to fish and if you notice a lack of oxygen or other signs of stress, treatment should be discontinued.

Internal parasites

Worms in the body – this is a disease that can be caused by different types of worms, starting from the smallest, the worms with a length of 1 m at big fish.

Signs of the disease is izdutiâ stomach, difficulty swimming, worms are sometimes visible from the anal opening.

This disease occurs practically only in the new, imported from abroad.

The treatment is impossible. Do not buy fish with such symptoms.

Poor nutrition

The symptoms depend on the type of meal. For example, the deficit of protein slows the growth. The vast amount of fats and carbohydrates in the diet can lead to obesity, with all its consequences-weakening of immunity to the disease.

Symptoms in the absence of some vitamins vitamin deficiency Symptoms of vitamin a slowing of growth, loss of appetite, turbid eyes, redness at the base of the fins. Vitamin B1 (Thiamin) delay of growth, dystrophy, convulsive movements, vitamin B2 (riboflavin) vision problems-turbid or "Bloodshot" eyes, fish, sides of light. Slowing of growth, anaemia, vitamin B6 disorder of the nervous system-the fish without pulling, scratching in the surrounding objects. Loss of appetite, anemia. Vitamin B12 slowing of growth, loss of appetite, anemia, vitamin with darkening of pigmentation, skin problems (ulcers, heksamitoza), cloudy eyes. Biotin, folic acid and other b vitamins in the slowing of growth, loss of appetite, lethargy, demolition of the fins.

To avoid a shortage of vitamins, fish need to be fed with a varied diet to include live and frozen. You can add vitamins in the food. Sometimes vitamins are added in the water, but their utilization in this way is doubtful.

Many beginner aquarists kept in an aquarium with different diet-especially with other herbivores. This should not be done. For example, cichlids of the genus Trofeus have very long hranoprerabotvatelen tract, so oily, very well absorbed food as tubifeksa causes internal inflammation.

The main problem is the overfeeding of fish. This leads, on the one hand, to overeating, leftovers off the water, leading to the deterioration of fish and diseases. Some fish, such as gold, have no sense of satiety and eat constantly.

Older fish may be on a diet. They are becoming more active and with a brighter color. Please try to give the fish as much food as they can eat for 3-5 minutes.

Quarantine Aquarium

For a quarantine Aquarium becomes anyone – you don't have to be big. It can be 10-20 liters. No primer, plants or decorations. Filtration should be mostly mechanical. The Aquarium be sterilized after quarantine. Lighting is needed only for the monitoring of the fish. Extra bright light should be avoided, because it suppresses the fish. In the Aquarium you need to create shelters for fish, on which they are needed. The temperature of the water in the quarantine tank should be a few degrees higher than that in the General. But her raise your not supposed to gradually put the fish in water whose temperature is a few degrees higher. When quarantine new fish do not need temperature increase. Use the compressor for nasiŝate of water with oxygen if the filter does not create sufficient circulation. When putting up new fish in a quarantine tank does not pour out the water from the bag that you brought the fish. First, bring the water in the bag and the Aquarium. Put the bag to swim for 10-15 minutes in the tank (if it is a brand of course). Then catch the fish with sakče and drop it into the Aquarium, hard not to drop and shit.

The new fish is held in quarantine for two weeks, having carefully observed. If the fish is healthy, carefully move it into the main Aquarium. report all your information of the fish should be kept in the quarantine Aquarium throughout the course of treatment, plus a few more days to make sure it's healed.

Then it is necessary to disinfect the entire quarantine aquarium equipment. Don't count that, after drying all holders of diseases will disappear.

Many bacteria causing tuberculosis (mycobacterium) a fish, can be transmitted to humans. So don't confuse the tank if you have sores on your hands. Inform the sanitize everything after treatment.

The use of medicines in the Aquarium

The best way to treat the disease, it is prevention. The normal conditions for the fish-clean water, neprenaselen Aquarium, optimum temperature and immune system will cope alone with the diseases.

Avoid treatment in common Aquarium-please try to use the sandbox for this purpose.


Antibacterial preparations

Preparation Condition Dose duration of treatment Chlortetracycline (Chlortetracycline) bacterial infections (decay of setae, saprolegniâ, ulcers) 10-20 mg/l 5 days, if necessary, be repeated (Furazolidone) Furazolidone bacterial infections (ulcers), 50-75 mg/kg weight of fish food is added for 7-10 days a neon disease (in small and Tetris remake done by neoni) 20 mg/l 5 days if neededis repeated Kanamycin sulfate (sulphate Kanamycin) Tb 12-13 mg/l Added every day, over the course of five days, you may have to repeat the course with an interim replacement of methylene blue water

(Methylen blue) fungal diseases and parasites. It is used for decontamination of caviar. 2 mg/l for a few days, you may need repeated treatments Nifurpirinol (Nifurpirinol) bacterial infections (decay of setae, saprolegniâ, ulcers) 0.1-0.2 mg/l for a few days, you may have to repeat treatment 2 mg/l, 5-10 minute bath several times a day, Oxolinic acid (Oxolinic acid) bacterial infections (ulcers) 10 mg/kg weight of fish food is added for 10 days of Oxytetracycline hydrochloride (Oxytetracylin hydrochlorid) bacterial infections (ulcers) 60-75 mg/kg weight of fish Adds in food for 7-14 days of bacterial infections (decay of setae, saprolegniâ, ulcers) 20-100 mg/l 5 days, if necessary, be repeated Phenoxyethanol (Phenoxyethanol) decay of setae, saprolegniâ 100 mg/l 7 days Sulfadimidine (Sulphadimidine) bacterial infections (ulcers) 200 mg/kg weight of fish food is added for 14 days

Antibiotics, such as ampicillin, penicillin and erythromycin are ineffective for treating Aquarium diseases, moreover, the first two are insoluble in water. The use of preparations containing them is pointless.

Preparations against external infections

Preparation Condition Dose duration of treatment copper sulfate Parasites on the skin and gills 0.15-0.3 mg/l the length can reach 3-4 weeks and Formalin (37-40%) Parasites on the skin and gills 15-20 mg/l a few days 200 mg/l 30-60 min tub, you may need several times Malachite Green fungal diseases, external parasites, oodinum 0.1-0.2 mg/l for several days if necessary repeat 1-2 mg/l 1 hour tub, you may need several times Malachite Green with formalin Parasites on the skin and gills 0.1-0.2 mg/l-green and 25 mg/l formalin for a few daysIf necessary repeat Metrifonat (metriphonate) Parasites on the skin and gills 0.25 – 0.4 mg/l 7-10 days, you may need repeated treatments are Added in živoraždaŝite Salt fish 1 g/l of settled for reducing the toxicity of nitrite with physical disabilities (wounds) 3 g/l Constant reproduction control 3-5 g/l of 5-7 days an extra treatment for âzveni disease in gold and other coldwater fish. 10 g/l initially, gradually, then permanently to remove worms, harbored the skin of studenovodnite and the Golden fish. 20-30 g/l Short baths from 15-30 min

Side effects from the use of preparations

Some preparations have negative impact of bacteria in the Aquarium. Therefore, treatment with these preparations must be done at a quarantine aquarium or to open the glove box of the biofilter and acting separately at the aquarium with intense aeration.

Detergent Concentration Effect copper sulfate 0.3-0.5 mg/l Inhibited nitrate cycle in seawater. Practically no effect in fresh water. Chlortetracycline (Chlortetracycline) 10 mg/l Inhibited nitrate cycle in fresh water Malachite Green 0.1-0.5 mg/l may exert a negative effect of nitrate cycle. With malahitovoto green must be careful not to fall on the skin. In many countries, this drug is prohibited, as is karcenogenno. Formalin 15-25 mg/l Inhibited nitrate cycle in fresh water methylene Blue 1-8 mg/l destroys the nitrate cycle. Oxytetracycline (Oxytetracycline) 50 mg/l Inhibited nitrate cycle in fresh water Akriflavin (Acriflavin) Prolonged use can cause problems with reproduction in some fish.

Medicinal preparations of different companies

Below are the products manufactured by different companies for the treatment of various diseases. Always follow the instructions of the manufacturer of the drug.

(, GoldOomed a wide spectrum of diseases, goldfish Preparation which contains no antibiotics and is intended only for coldwater fish Seachem ( AquaZone external parasites in freshwater and marine aquariums. For the treatment of Cryptocaryon, Ick Cupramin copper sulfate for the treatment of various diseases ParaGuard for the treatment of parasites and fungal diseases Aquatronics Acriflavin Plus for the treatment of fungal diseases. Liquid detergent only for freshwater aquariums. Contains-acriflavin, sulfamethazine, salt, Malachite Green. Ampicillex Antig″bično/antibacterial drug for the treatment of infectious diseases of eyes, Mouth Rot (rot in the area of the mouth caused by Flexobactria), bulging eyes, Columnaris, fungal diseases. Capsules containing water soluble Ampicillin Trihydrate. Bettamax antibiotic for treatment of diseases, leading to loss of appetite, exhaustion of fish, damaging the tail and flippers, bacterial and fungal diseases. Only for freshwater aquariums. Capsules containing Nitrofurazone, methylene blue, vitamins, RVP, salt and sulfates-diazine, merazine methazine, Clear-Ich Ick treatment liquid preparation containing Quinine Monohydrochloride, gentian Violet, Sol Disco-Worm for the control of internal parasites liquid detergent Dip-A-Way disinfection of freshwater and marine fish, used as baths for various parasitic and fungal diseases liquid preparation containing merbromin, soda Dyacide Pesticide for the control of internal parasites liquid preparation containing Dimethyl (2, 2, 2,-trichloro-1-hydroxyethyl) Flukes Phosphate Control for the control of external parasites just for presnovoden Aquarium. Liquid preparation containing potassium permanganate Greenex for control of external parasites just for marine aquariums. Liquid preparation containing Malachite Green and quinine hydrochloride Formalite I for control of external parasites-cryptocarion, oodinium, ick For freshwater and marine aquariums. Liquid preparation containing formaldehyde, copper sulfate and Malachite Green. Formalite II for control of external parasites Furacyn antibiotic for treating bacterial infections, ulcers. For freshwater and marine aquariums. The capsules containing the nitrofurazone Hex-A-Mit to cure Ick and ill of skalarii and cichlids. For freshwater and marine aquariums. Special detergent for skalarii, discus, Tetris remake done by, GuppY-koridoras etc. Kanacyn an antibiotic for treating bacterial infections (red sores and bumps around the fins), protruding scales, internal infections capsules for freshwater and marine aquariums. Methylblu anti-g″bičen agent to treat a variety of fungal and bacterial diseases, decay of the fins. Capsules for freshwater and marine aquariums. Myacin antibiotic for the treatment of fungal and bacterial diseases, decay of setae, clouding of the eyes. Capsules for freshwater and marine aquariums. The capsules contain erythromycin. Neomycin antibiotic for the treatment of fungal and bacterial diseases, decay of the body and fins, trihogasterite diseases. Capsules for freshwater and marine aquariums. Nitrofura-G

Antibiotic for the treatment of fungal and bacterial diseases, decay of the body and fins, goldfish diseases. For the freshwater aquarium with goldfish. The capsules contain methylene blue. Paraform for control of external parasites-oodinium, ick, cryptocarion. Liquid detergent Paragon for treating hexamita, external worms-parasites, ick, yeast infections for freshwater and marine aquariums. It is particularly effective for the treatment of živoraždaŝi fish, discus, astronotusi, and other South American fish Paragon II for treating hexamita (Hole-in-the-head), diseases of the bladder, ick and secondary infections powder for freshwater and marine aquariums. Penicillin antibiotic for the treatment of faint eye color of and bulging eyes, decay of the fins, gills and diseases fungal infections capsules for freshwater and marine aquariums. Pipzine for the treatment of ulcers, trihogasterite disease, weight loss, exhaustion, parasites of unknown type of capsules for freshwater and marine aquariums. Quinsulex for the treatment of fungal infections, ick capsules for freshwater and marine aquariums. Shim Control Special disks, which releases copper into the water, preparations for the control of ick, oodinium For freshwater and marine aquariums. Each disc is effective over the course of 1-2 weeks of antibiotic treatment of Spectrogram hemorrhage, white body slim (the body of the fish is covered with a white coating), furukulezis, fungal infections, columnaris capsules for freshwater and marine aquariums. Super Ick ick treatment Plus Liquid only for presnovoden Aquarium. Should not be used in certain types of fish (catfish, botia)

Contains Malachite Green and quinine Super Sulfa Preparation for the treatment of fungal and bacterial infections capsules for freshwater and marine aquariums. Tetracyclin antibiotic for the treatment of fungal and bacterial infections, red gills, živoraždaŝite fish diseases, dropsy and columnaris Capsules only presnovoden Aquarium. Živoraždaŝi cleaner and goldfish Wound Control to prevent infections of wounds For presnovoden and Marine Aquarium.

Liquid preparation containing merbromin Aquarium Pharmaceutical ( Em TabletsTM for the treatment of fungal diseases of the mouth, clouding of the eyes, hemorrhagic septicemia (in the body of the fish are visible blood vessels) capsules for freshwater and marine aquariums. CureTM Fungus for the treatment of fungal and bacterial infections of the mouth, eyes and flipped the capsules only for freshwater aquariums containing neutroflavine and Victoria green B-2TM Furans for treatment of furunkulezis (aeromonas), diseases of the gills, fins rot capsules for freshwater and marine aquariums. General CureTM to treat diseases from parasites, oodinium, hole-in-the-head heximita Capsules containing copper sulphate, trichlorfon and metronizadol Liquid CureTM Fungus for the treatment of saprolegniâ liquid detergent Liquid Super Ick ick treatment CureTM liquid detergent MelaFixTM Preparation for the treatment of bacterial diseases, to accelerate healing of wounds a liquid preparation containing ingredients from leaves of tea tree (melaleuca). Nala-GramTM for the treatment of gram-negative infections – illnesses in the ... Tetras, malawi bloat, hemorrhagic septicemia capsules. Super Ick Cure ick treatment CapsulesTM capsules for presnovoden Aquarium CapsulesTM T.C. for the treatment of bacterial infections of the mouth, fins, gills of freshwater and marine capsules aquariums. Triple Sulfa CapsulesTM cotton desease control (the body is covered with fungus, similar to wool, decay of setae, furukulezis, clouding of the eye capsules for freshwater and marine aquariums, sulfamethazine, sulfacetamide-containing and sulfathiazole. Aquarium products Clout for the treatment of external parasites-ick, Hydra, various worms (anchor worms, leeches), planarii, flukes, Hexamita (Hole-in-the-head, trichodina presnovoden tablets and Marine Aquarium

(very strong medicine, for very small fish is deadly) Aquari-Sol to cure ick, fungal and bacterial infections liquid detergent presnovoden Aquarium Fluke-Tab

Treatment of external parasites-tapeworms tablets for presnovoden and Furanace Marine Aquarium for treatment of bacterial infections, fungal diseases (cotton-wool, fungal diseases of the mouth) tablets Quick Cure for ick treatment. Liquid detergent for presnovoden Aquarium MarOxy Mardel for treatment of fungal and bacterial infections liquid detergent in two variants-presnovoden for Marine Aquarium. Maracyn to treat fungal and bacterial infections caused by Gram-positive bacteria-decay of setae, bulging eyes, gills, Anitibotik infections of tablets containing vitamin b-complex. Maracyn-Two broad spectrum Antibiotic for the treatment of fungal and bacterial infections caused by Gram-positive bacteria-decay of setae, bulging eyes, gills, neon infections disease, dropsy tablets for freshwater and marine aquariums CopperSafe for treating ick, trichodina, worms, liquid detergent gram-negative Tetracyclin antibiotic with a broad spectrum treatment for fungal and bacterial Yinpresnovoden fekcii tablets for aquarium TriSulfa antibiotic for Gram-negative and Gram-positive infections presnovoden Aquarium Maracide tablets for the treatment of diseases induced by ick, trichodina. Liquid detergent Sera ( Sera Activant combination of vitamins and microelements Increases resistibility of fish Sera Baktopur for treatment of fungal and bacterial infections liquid detergent presnovoden and Sera Baktopur Direct Sea Aquarium for the treatment of fungal and bacterial infections, ulcers, suppresses the biofiltraciâta Sera Costapur used to treat diseases caused by parasites-ick, trichodina liquid detergent for presnovoden and Sera Ectopur Sol for help in the treatment of various parasitic and bacterial diseases Specially added components emit oxygen for a long period of time. Sera Fishtamin Multivitamins for fish increases the s″protivlâemostta of fish to diseases and stress. Add in food and water. Sera mycopur for the treatment of fungal diseases (saprolegniâ) suppresses the biofiltraciâta Sera Oodinopur for the treatment of The freshwater and marine oodinium aquariums. Sera Schneckopur to fight the Hydra, snails, etc. to monitor the State of fish (not to be used in small fish)

The use of medicines in the Aquarium

Many drugs and antibiotics are offset by organic matter in the Aquarium. Therefore, before you put the medication into the Aquarium makes a big change of water, do50%. For the same purpose use filtration with activated carbon in the filter. Remember when treating out-he absorbs a lot of meds. Turn off the UV-sterilizatora and the ozone filter. If you are not sure how it will affect the medicine of biofiltraciâta in the external filter, remove the cartridge (sponge, ceramics, etc.) and move them into a separate container, preferably with aeration.

Course of antibiotics should be finished to the end, even if the symptoms have disappeared. Otherwise, the disease may remain, in Hi, how are you hidden form and pop culture mikrorganizmi, resistant to the preparation. Do not treat "just in case" with a half dose. Many medications, especially antibiotics have a shelf life. Always check the expiration date. Do not mix different drugs.


Quite often attempts to treat the fish do not lead to success. In these cases, preferring to resort to euthanasia of fish, or "humane painless killing".

Disposal Disposal in the toilet in the bathroom is the most common, genuine popular method consists in disposing of the fish in the toilet. This is not murder, and transfer of care for fish from akvarista to Providence. The method is also applicable for insects, arthropods and small mammals. Freeze if you are too big for the use of the method, the Aesthete with the toilet, you can try to kill your fish by freezing. As is known, the death from the cold is not very painful. On the other hand, it is not known what sensations there will be fish. However, this method can be recommended as one of the most humane and easily applicable in domestic conditions, the fish moved into a small container with water from the tank, then the Court is placed in the freezer and close the door. in winter may go without a refrigerator.


Method for crude people. In translation from Latin decapitatio translates as "custodial chapter." The fish is placed on a flat surface, take a sharp knife and with a smooth, quick motion cut/torn off his head on the line behind the gills. Immediately after severing the spinal cord, the fish is unable to feel pain. Kicking technique

For even more raw people. Method is the following: take the fish, turn into a piece of fabric and with force hitting something solid.

Very large fish (which) may, with the hard to hit them with a hammer on the head between the eyes.

This method has one merit: the death is very fast. This is more humane than throwing the fish into the toilet.

Chemical euthanasia


The essence of the method is to create an analogue of the gas chamber-the fish sleeps by increased concentrations of CO2 in the water. Put a few spoonfuls of plain baking soda in court with the fish. The Court must be hermetically closed.


The fish is put in the 20% solution of alcohol. You can just spew vodka, who doesn't feel sorry for her. Death is painless. And to die so it is more pleasant than to die from cirrhosis. Barbiturates

This is a celebration of humanism. Can be used on any product from this group, for example, sodium pentobarbital in dosage, exceeding 60 mg/kg of weight. Intraabdominalno is introduced. For the unenlightened: you take a syringe and inject into the abdomen.

Hide the evidence after consigning with one of the above methods fish, we have a fish carcass. What should we do?

Big fish can be cooked and eaten. Astronotosite eat them with pleasure in South America and giganskite-gurami were originally purely industrial fish. Small fish can be thrown in the toilet or brave to be discarded in the trash. Just bask in her journal, shocked the surrounding with the celebration of your humanism.

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